Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Pies are done...(well, almost)

Today was our day to make pies! We make alot of several years ago I decided to bake the day before and alleviate the stress of pies/turkey/taters, etc. all on the same day...boy was that a BIG help!
Because our family is so large, I plan on 4 pumpkins, one fruit and one mincemeat (the jarred apple/raisin variety - a tradition from my childhood.) Well, apparently mincemeat is scarce this year, wally-world didn't have I opted out (*sniff*sniff*) and I'm hoping I'll find it somewhere before Christmas, and I'll make it then.
My dh loves pecan pie, which I have never made...but I did pick up the supplies, and will try to make that for him tonight.

The kids love to bake with me, so of course I let them help. This year I decided to let them help with the crust, so here are a few pics of me teaching them that skill, and two of our finished pumpkins (before baking.) YUMMY!

We are looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving with ALL of my children here at home! I hope your Thanksgiving is just as blessed.

*Ü* Blessings,

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