Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Cardboard House

During quiet time yesterday, while I was busy doing other things, the girls proceeded to unload our paper-to-be-recycled bag (the town picks up every other it was pretty full this week.) B came over and asked for some tape to hold her house together...I didn't pay much attention, just gave her a couple pieces of this is because the day before the girls were sitting at the table drawing and doodling and making their "future families", so I just assumed they were up to the same thing.

Let me interject here and tell you about their "future families". G will marry a man named Jon, and have 3 girls: Cara, Mady and you see the "Jon and Kate plus 8" theme going of her favorite shows! Initially B said she would have 6 girls and 4 boys - she used happy face stickers to show this. G told her that was 10 kids, I said "that is alot of babies!" She then changed her mind to 2 girls and 1 boy...because she didn't want "to have to take care of all those babies!" LOL I had to laugh, I remember as a little girl wanting a dozen (literally) kids...well, I got more than half...and when they all marry, I'll have my dozen - right?

Okay, back to the first story...I gave them some tape...of course once B had hers G had to have some too...then I checked to see what they were up to - wow! Take a look:

Now, I know they didn't come up with this idea all on their ps, G had done this in Kindergarten...but I liked that they were working cooperatively to make this project, they chose the materials and with no help from me created a pretty cool structure that was architecturally sound - we were able to lift it from the floor and move it to a spot safe from the marauding two year old! Best of all, it can all be re-recycled!

Today I plan to make a Thanksgiving Tree...I'll put it on our mini cork board. I think I'll even have the kids cut out the leaves for it. I know I should have started this at the beginning of November, but time just got away from me. So this is my plan...Today we will each write on a leaf something we are thankful for. We will cut out extra leaves and hopefully each person in our family will daily write out a leaf and add it to the tree...then by next Thursday we'll have a tree full of blessings! I challenge you to do one, too! (Bet ya didn't expect that did ya?)

Gotta start school (((hugs)))

*Ü* Blessings,

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