Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Year and Beyond

Kind of a catchy title, huh? Actually we are using Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory again this year. We are starting in unit 16, right where we left off. This is only day 2, but so far we have had little complaining, and lots of fun!

Yesterday we read about the colonists, and what happened after Massasoit died and his son Philip became king: King Philip's War. We learned he was upset because he felt the Englishmen had cheated him and his peers out of the land. We did a simple paper weaving project to remind us that the colonists traded blanket (and knives, beads, etc.) with the native Americans for land.

Today we read how they native Americans would hide in the forests and wait to attack a farmhouse or family. Then we re-enacted the capturing of colonists with this fun game...

The dining room table and chairs became our "forest" where the Indians hid and the kitchen floor the "field" where the colonists lived. One child playing the Indian would sneak up and grab a colonist (an array of stuffed animals), then the other children (colonists) would try to catch the Indian and thus rescue the captured colonist. Here are a few photos of the fun...

Doesn't his smile say it all?

You have to move fast to keep the captive!

This year we've switched out our math program, too. While I'm a bit melancholy about leaving a program that I have used FOREVER, I felt it was the best thing for my son who has been diagnosed with a color deficiency... years ago they called it color blindness, but today they have a different name. He can see color, but has a harder time differentiating the shades of colors. I thought he was having a hard time learning the colors of the blocks in our previous program...now I am pretty sure this was why, and hence the change in program. So far, so good...I'll keep you posted!

*Ü* Blessings,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heart of Dakota Blog Roll

I belong to a HOD Yahoo group, and one of the ladies there has decided to organize a Blog Roll...basically just collecting blog info for those of us who all use HOD and blog about it. It will be really great to be able to hop from blog to blog and see what other HODies are doing! I'm really excited about it.
I volunteered to make the button for the blog roll, and this is what I came up with:

Isn't it cute? I love it! It's a little hard to read since I had to shrink it down...but the H has "Homeschool" in it, and the paper tag at the top says "My favorite curriculum is..." I used Stolen Moments Designs new digital scrapbooking kit called Time to Learn - with the exception of the chalkboard, that came from Back 2 School by Chelle's Creations. Both are available at the ScrapMatters shop.

Okay...so back to the blog roll...the image is linked to Krissy's original post, at the end is a Mr. Linky which will be activated so that anyone using Heart of Dakota can link in and/or view anyone else doing an HOD curriculum!

We're gearing up to start school on Monday! We've had a lovely summer, and couldn't have asked for better Maine weather! I'm switching out our math program, and going with the one that HOD recommends: Singapore Math...click here to take a look at the first book we'll be using.

We are picking up at week 16 in Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, and working our way through the rest of the manual, then planning to starting Bigger Hearts in the Spring. I'm looking forward to Bigger, but glad we're delayed a little so the my ds can grow a little more and be ready to do all that it requires.

*Ü* Blessings,