Friday, November 7, 2008

The Things You Can Do With a Blog!

Each time I use this blog, I learn something new!
It's amazing...I can use my normal email program, and type up a rambling (or not so much) message...hit send, and ta-da! It's here on blogspot! Wow.
Yesterday I learned how to change my background and format my header and all I came back to dig around some more...and found this cool option.
I'm going to add in a picture, just so I can see how it really works:
Today was a zero day...the 50th day of we did an art project that I will be adding to our growing "Hundred Day Book".
This project was also connected to Veteran's Day...we did the flag in watercolors, first coloring the stars with white crayon, then washing over them:

My ds4 is improving with leaps and bounds in can see he wrote: Fifty White Stars, with just a bit of help on the S's.
In case you were wondering, this is what we did on the 40th day...Candy!

We haven't written anything for this page yet...I am not sure what to write yet...Forty pieces of candy probably...but that sounds you have a better idea?
I'm going to send this off to the blog now, and see how it comes out!

PS Note to self, the email version didn't work pictures showed in the blog...will try next one to post automatically.

PPS I decided on 40 Colorful Candies for the title of the candy page.

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