Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Resurrection & An Earthquake

This is an old update...I've been remiss about publishing our school year...

When these photos were taken, we were talking about the Resurrection, and then Paul's missionary journeys.

This was a science experiment we did... using vinegar and baking soda to make raisins rise up... This was SO cool because the author of Little Hearts for His Glory knew how excited the kids would get when the first raisin started to rise and she instructed the parent to feed that excitement with this statement... If we find the raising of a raisin exciting, imagine how exciting it was for the people to see Jesus rise up into the clouds and into heaven! WOW!

We moved through the New Testament, learning about Paul, his conversion and his testimony. How he was imprisoned...

And how he used his circumstances to spread the gospel...even to his jailer!

The kids build the jail with their blocks, chose random dolls for Paul his friend (Timothy?) and the jailer then re-enacted the earthquake:

Afterwards the jailer called out, and Paul replied I am here...then began to share his story with the guard.

We are truly enjoying Little Hearts for His Glory!

*Ü* Blessings,

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