Thursday, May 21, 2009

B and her Daddy - Scrapped

The girls showed off their newly acquired skill (digital scrapbooking - in case you missed yesterday's post) to their daddy/poppie. He was delighted at what they had done and asked specifically for dd to do one of them together. B got right to work this morning. We found this photo of them together, and found a kit (my Forever in Bloom kit)...this is what she created:

Yes, I helped a little bit...she is only 6 after all. For the most part the choices were all her's, and I only made suggestions for her. She actually was the one to suggest something to "attach" the tag...too funny, and yes, I had to do the fine detailing to get the tag to actually hang from the hook...but that's okay! She had alot of fun! My ds5 is now begging to learn! lol

One funny thing that happened during the course of this scrap session...we were getting ready for the title, and B wanted the brackets. She says "I love those bracket things!" We get that all done, and she's thinking we're just typing in her choice of words. (I really don't like the way my pse does typing...whenever I type an N it stops working properly.) All that to say, I was planning to use an alpha. Well, the Forever in Bloom kit does not have an I headed over to my brand new kit (downloadable tomorrow.) I opened the folder that holds the alpha, and said "Oh, you can use my brand-new alpha..." to which she interrupted "is THAT glitter?! I LOVE glitter!" ROFL I think I've created a monster!

*Ü* Blessings,

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