Monday, May 11, 2009

Modern Homesteading Workshop

We had a homeschooling workshop was themed "modern homesteading"....we learned about composting; container gardening; raising bees, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, llamas; making quilts, making our own laundry soap, making our own butter & bread and salsa too!; making art from recyclables, using solar energy...umm, I think that was was so much fun! The kids loved it. It was nice to visit with other homeschooling families. Of course I forgot my camera!
We came home with 3 loaves of artisan bread to bake, some homemade detergent (I've got a wash going smelled SO good, I can't wait to see how the clothes come out!), an upside down tomato plant, a trio of salsa plants (peppers, onion & cilantro) as well as energy information and recipes to do it all ourselves!
It was the first workshop I've attended since returning to homeschooling, and it was just wonderful! They split us up into 4 well-known homesteading families (the Ingalls, Beans, Roosevelts and hmmmm...can't remember the 4th right now) and as a group we rotated through the 4 major stations. It was a beautiful day, and perfect for this! As soon as I get some photos from other moms who did remember their cameras, I'll post those pictures!

*Ü* Blessings,

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