Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Started School Today!

Today was our first day of school...well, really our second as we did do one day last week...but really tomorrow is officially our first day...today and last week I'm calling "dry-runs" can I do that?
Somewhere online I found a wonderful mom who had made these cute "welcome to 1st grade"/"welcome to preschool" cards to sit on her children's table to welcome them to school that very first day...I thought it was so sweet, and wanted to do the same, but then deciding to sell the house, decluttering and not setting up a school room threw me off track! (It's NOT fair - stomping foot!)
This is why I want tomorrow to be the "official" first day...cuz I want to have those cute little signs done for my kiddos!

You know I've been struggling with not being able to set up my room after having spent so much time deciding on what I wanted it to look like...but I decided upon a "temporary" circle time wall! Yipee! It's actually in two parts...

Part 1 is the calendar, place value straw thingy, odd/even days, weather station:

As you can see...it is a VERY temporary/portable wall. I can quickly hide everything away...well, except for the calendar which unhooks from the wall (cup hooks are screwed into the bottom of the chair rail, so I can unscrew them as needed and the holes won't show! lol)

Part 2 is my old white board which I would have hung above the chair rail...it now sits on the easel, which makes it very portable. On this we have the days of the week, yesterday/today/tomorrow, tally marks & how to write the date (the blue board) and a cute little piggy bank - we put coins on it to correspond to the day...today is Sept. 2, so we put 2 cents on it...great for coin counting reinforcement as well as coin exchanging.

Here is a picture my hubby took of us doing school today...the girls are finding the right page in their calendar notebook,

while ds4 waits patiently for his turn to do something on the wall...

he was so happy to get to do school with us!

We had a pretty productive day considering that we followed absolutely NO schedule at all today...and for those that even know me slightly, you know how hard that was for me! lol

Blessings to you my friends,
I hope your days are just as grand!

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