Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Little Hearts for His Glory - Day 3

I so wanted to greet my munchkins with a surprise for the first day of school...and since that didn't work out, I did it on day 3.
Another homeschooling mom had made these really neat little "welcome to 1st grade/preschool" cards placed on top of a pile of school supplies for her little ones, and I was so touched by that it made me want to do the same for I did:

They were very excited...I asked them to hold up their favorite item, and they smiled so nicely for the photo op:

Today we enjoyed our calendar wall again, and then went outside for the "Rhymes in Motion" portion of our day...which if you are reading my posts remember from day 1 as being a favorite of dd5. At first she did not want to go out doors, but rather wanted to stay in for school...but when I reminded her what we were doing, she was very excited. Again I drew the continents on the driveway:

The girls loved leaping, stomping, hopping, crawling, waddling etc. to the different continents...then I added waves for water, and we went over the names of the oceans that we had learned in our Noah's Ark Lapbook. LHFHG has the kids jump from brown paper to blue paper as the parent calls out a land or sea animal...but my plan was for them to jump onto a continent or into the ocean...instead they began to draw the animals onto the driveway in the appropriate places...and called upon me for some help. It was quite cute!

My dd21 decided to bake today, and since she really enjoys doing this I thought it would be a good way for her to take part in the homeschooling. I had planned to bake with the kiddos every now dd21 will do this instead! One less thing for me to remember to do...and a little break for me too. Today she made bread with the kiddos, and we had a "European" lunch (think Heidi) of fresh bread with butter and jam, cheese, apples and milk...yum! yum!

Well, that pretty much sums up our day!

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