Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Apple Picking

Can you believe we went apple picking, and I forgot my camera at home?! That is so frustrating. :o(
I missed lots of great pictures, but we had a great time! We did remember to bring our sketch books along, and got some sketching done.
I had two of my teens, dd18 and ds17, so that meant we each had a little one to watch...which really meant mom wasn't watching 3 little ones all alone! It was so much more relaxing to feel like there were enough eyes there that no one would wander off (yes, it has happened before.)

School is going well. We are in week 4 of Little Hearts for His Glory. The scripture memorization is actually something the little ones look forward to...this surprises me, actually. I guess I thought it wouldn't be much "fun" but actually this program incorporates music into it...and we do one day of copy work which dd5 they are really quite proud to recite their verses! They are also enjoying the storytime part of our day. We missed it today, so tomorrow we'll read two chapters, and that is kind of nice because the chapters are short and go very quick...even without pictures...speaking of - ds4 doesn't even ask to see them anymore.

We are still working through MUS Primer...we're now more than half way, lesson 19 of 30...counting by 10s to 100. This has gotten too easy...dd5 did her entire lesson without me this morning. We usually do two pages right after our calendar/circle time, but because we were going apple picking, she wanted to "do school" before we left...she started an hour earlier than we normally do, and worked independently!

I just wanted to do a quick blog before I missed another week. Our house is still for sale, and we therefore covet your prayers regarding that...also, my hubby had applied for a supervisor position at work, and we are hopeful that God wouldn't move in that respect also. Thanks for your prayers.


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