Friday, September 5, 2008

We Finished Week 1

Well, week 1 has come to an end...we did alot! I can't believe how little it looks like on paper, but we really did do quite a bit. I love Little Hearts for His Glory so far, and don't think I'll be dissappointed in the long will save me so much time and energy! Plus it is so neat how it all centers on God...I love that.
Earlier in the week, we did a little activity, acted out the earth's orbit around the sun, then singing "happy birthday, dear Earth" after one rotation...later when I asked the kids how long it took for the earth to go around the sun, they didn't have a clue! Hmmm...I thought, what did I do wrong?? So today, we redid that activity - but this time, with each step we took around the sun, we said a month (well, we actually sang the months) then when we got back around to where we started, the "sun" told us happy birthday.
At first I was the sun, and the kiddos were each an "earth"...but for this activity, someone else was the sun, so I could show them how to move taking one step for each month...I took a video so you could hear the tune of the song, and see how we did it...just in case you wanted to do the same...though perhaps your kiddos got the whole earth goes around the sun in one year thing right off the bat? lol (Okay...perhaps I should explain the blanket and pillows...we picked up our reading area pillows because even though they are square, they are blue and have waves of water and people on them like the earth! - and the sun? no, it's not yellow...but an orangy-yellow...and it does have little suns on it...and the fringe of the blanket is kind of like rays of the sun, right? right? well, I thought it was a good idea, and it worked for us.)

We also started a creation's not really a lapbook...but it is on a video around somewhere...the quarter circle one that opens to a full quarter circle for each day. The girls are enjoying that, and I wanted them to understand the creation story most fully.
My ds4 has been learning to read using Reading Reflex...we're only on day 2, but we had done bits and pieces of this earlier, so he does have some knowledge...but he is beginning to put 3 sounds together without my help! It's so exciting to watch this happen!

I trust your week was just a productive, and I'll leave you with our "earths" orbiting the "sun" photo:


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