Sunday, September 14, 2008

LH4HG Week 2

We're making progress, and it is so fun to see!
Last week we missed the art project, and I really didn't like this weeks, so we did last weeks instead! I love the flexibility of Little Hearts!
Here are the kiddos doing their art work:

This week our science discovery revolved around floating and sinking with regards to Noah's story. Well, we had covered that concept a while I decided to add onto it by having the kids guess or estimate how many counters their "boat" could hold before it would sink...we brought our white board into the bathroom (convenient low sink for this kind of project...and counters to sit on, too!) Here's a shot of the silly kids:

and one more serious...note the guesses or estimations on the white board:

Now, here are the photos I know you have been waiting for...drumroll please...the sinking ship:

And you really can't see it very well...but this is their reaction to the sinking...lots of giggles!

Of course that is not all we've done. The kids have all learned thier bible verse, and can recognize the tune when it comes on the tape in the car - lol. They enjoyed writing a letter to Reddy Fox to warn him of the danger to come. We are learning about coins this year too, so the penny and nickel have been introduced, and the girls are quite adept at counting on from 5 which is a BIG learned skill that they could not do last year. We learned a new rhyme in motion, that they really enjoyed, and I'm curious what next weeks rhyme is.

On Monday as we did calendar, I gave the kids each a piece of yellow paper to put their names on, and I wrote underneath is "thinks Isabella will come today." Then we each put our card into a pocket of our pocket chart calendar. We had to change a couple as two of the kids guessed the next day and the day after...finally we each had a decent guess...Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and her original due date...Isabella surprised us all by coming in between our guesses on Sunday...that's right, the little bundle arrived today! Yipee! We are all so exc ited, and my dgd6 is the most excited:

We get to add baby Isabella's name to our birthday calendar for this month.

I hope you all had a wonderful week as well!
God bless,

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