Monday, January 14, 2013

Every Perfect Gift - Book Review

I am loving my Nook Tablet! The best part is being able to get a book I want to read instantly! Love it!

In exchange for my honest review, published here, I was provided with an e-book copy Every Perfect Gift
by Dorothy Love through the BookSneeze program of Thomas Nelson Publishing.

This book is part of the Hickory Ridge series. I am not familiar with the series, so my review is based solely on this book alone. Hickory Ridge is a small town with a growing population due to a resort being built there. It takes place shortly after the Civil War. The two main characters are hiding something from their past. The author alludes to this “secret” several times during the story, and eventually does reveal them. Honestly, though I was able to connect with the female lead character (Sophie) I could not understand why her secret was such a stumbling block for her, then again, I wasn’t born in that time period. On the other hand, the male lead (Ethan) was running from his past as well… however, he just refused to go home or even to talk about his home – this was in sharp contrast to Sophie who ran back to her past – to prove something maybe?

Those were my only hang-ups with the book. It was a gentle love story that developed at a reasonable pace. Sophie is a fun girl not afraid to speak her mind and get into the middle of things. Ethan seemed a bit stubborn and unreasonable at times. The various towns folk seemed to be fond of Sophie. I found this a bit at odds given her past – which wasn’t a secret to them.

All in all I did enjoy the book!

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