Friday, December 21, 2012

Kid's Piano Recital Today!

For my far-away family, I wanted to share my kiddos at their recital today....

This is Bea playing "The Danube Waltz" and then "We Three Kings"

Then, Little Man played the theme song from "Star Wars" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

(the sound fades after the first song... oh, well!)

Bea also played "Minuet 3" on the violin... though it is hard to hear the violin over the piano that her teacher was accompanying her with

Daddy and I are so proud of our kiddos!

Darling G also played for us even though she's only been studying piano since September. Unfortunately, I don't think I have video of her performance... I'll have to video her at home and post it another time!

Christmas Blessings,

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