Friday, August 5, 2011

Mid-Summer's Fun

Well, we've been busy enjoying one of Maine's best summers ever! It has been glorious! While we've had some rain, the majority of it has been at the end of the day and overnight... that means lots and lots of sunny days!

We got the kids one of those inexpensive soft sided pools... the kind with the inflatable ring that "floats" above the water line thus "holding up" the pool sides. It has been a blessing on some of our hot-hot days!

Here's a picture so you can see what I mean:

We've had a busy summer too... ds7 played Little League for the first time this year. He loved it!

And our little ballerina took two classes of ballet all year, so she had two recital numbers to perform this year. She really loves to dance, so next year we're looking at different schools for the coming school year.

A local gym offered a class called YEOP (Youth Environmental Obstacle Play) that we took advantage of. There was lots of running, jumping, balancing, climbing, tumbling, etc. The kids loved it, so we have been going all summer.

Our Keeper's club ended with a Pinning Ceremony. The club members received pins for weaving, plastic canvas, decoupage, croquet and music. We had two boys with us this year, and we let them follow along and earn pins as well. Since our members aren't able to commit to the club in the fall, my own girlies and I continued through the summer with two more skills - wild flowers and flower pressing.

Our family had the chance to visit the Nina and Pinta - replicas of the original boats Christopher Columbus sailed on in 1492. It was amazing to see just how small these boats really were!

We did our annual strawberry picking, and made some jam for the year. We visited a living history museum in Newfield, Maine called Willowbrook Village. We played with sparklers on The Fourth, we attended my family's annual reunion, and we visited the local amusement park - FUNTown USA. And just last weekend, we visited my sil in Connecticut. The kids played on a Slip N Slide for the first time, and we visited a park that had a pool and a splashing fountain! Both were great fun!

I'll end with just two more photos of our summer of fun... Daddy created a slide for our little pool:

Hope your summer is just as much fun as ours!
*Ü* Blessings,

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