Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm SO neglectful!

Gosh, I can't believe how bad I am about keeping up on this! I think it must be because I feel like every post must come with photos, and that takes longer... so my new goal is to update each week (Saturday morning may be good) and if I have pics great, if not - that's okay too!

Are you ready? This is a long one! I'm going to back up and go quickly over everything I've neglected...

The kiddos started swim lessons at our local YMCA at the end of September. We've kept right up with it all through the winter... we've had a couple cancellations due to excessive snow - in case you hadn't heard, we've been lambasted this year! lol

Here's one of my fave pics of each of the kiddos in the pool:

At the end of October, Daddy got to doing some woodwork with the kiddos, using power drills and hammers (thankfully no sore thumbs!) and this is what they created:

Doesn't that look like fun? They LOVE it! It's packed away in the shed right now, but I know when Spring does arrive here in the cold North East, they will pull that out and the fun will start all over again! Oh the joys of childhood!

Just last week, I was driving B to violin practice...just the two of us...and she was looking at the clouds... "Mom, is that a Cirro-Cumulus cloud?" I was amazed that she had actually retained the information we had gone over back in November on cloud formations! You know I love our curriculum Heart of Dakota - Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory...well, I can't remember what unit it was, but here is a photo of her doing the "Science Exploration" that week:

Yes...that is shaving cream she is using to create different cloud formations - they both had a blast! Another bit of homeschool news...we participated in our homeschool group's Fall Workshop, which was themed "The First Thanksgiving". The kids absolutely enjoyed themselves! I scrapped a couple pages about this...



After that we moved on into the holidays! My friend and I had our 3rd annual pie baking day again this year... it is always so much fun to have her and her family over and to spend time baking together! After that of course there was Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful day with all our family - except my oldest son was not there, but home sick; I brought him a plate later in the day. Then B had her 8th birthday! I cannot believe she is already eight! Time flies... here are the pages I scrapped about that special day:



Then Christmas came... that's an entire story all by itself! Let's just say it was the most wonderful season of all! And then the snow came...

Here are the kids on the slope behind our house:

More woodworking with Daddy, more snow, more sledding... oh and Mommy went to FL to visit her Grandpa who was celebrating his 100th birthday! And Daddy taught the kids to ice skate while Mommy enjoyed the sunshine and warmth! lol

Here's some layouts I did about those things:




OMGoodness, this is really getting LOOOOOONG, eh? Really, we're in January now, so I'm almost done! The day after I got back from FL, the homeschool group held their annual Spelling Bee...I'm so proud of all the hard work my kiddos did to prepare! Of course, I scrapped those photos too!



You know what...this is plenty long enough. I'll stop for now, and catch you all up on the last month of our lives next week!

*Ü* Blessings,

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